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Here’s a list of unregistered courses being offered in Kenyan Universities , please check and be-careful.

Here’s a list of  unregistered courses being offered in Kenyan Universities , please check and be-careful.

A report by Kenya Universities and College Central Placement Service(KUCCPS) and Commission of University Education(CUE) has listed unapproved degree programmes being offered in Kenyan Universities.

The questionable courses are being offered in 26 Universities.

Graduates will find it hard to get employment after they graduate from these Universities offering the unregistered courses.

Here’s a list of unquestionable courses being offered in a number of Kenyan Universities.

Tom Mboya University College

Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies with IT)
                           (Sociology and Anthropology, with IT)
                           (Development studies with IT)
Bachelor of Education (French, with IT)
                                   (Home science, with IT)
Bachelor of Science (Agriculture, Economics, with IT)
                                (Health Records and Information)
                                (Agronomy with IT)
                                (Applied statistics with IT)
                                (Earth science with IT)
                                (Environmental science with IT)
                                (Forensic science)
                                (Geography and Natural Resource)
                                (Industrial chemistry with IT)
                                (Mathematical Sciences with IT)
                                (Mathematics & Business Studies)
                                (Mathematics & Computer Science)
                                (Mathematics & Economics, with IT)
                                (Medical Laboratory Science)
                                (Nutrition and Dietetics, with IT)
                                (Physics with IT)

Garissa University

Bachelor of Arts (Geography)
                           (Political Science and Public)
                           (Community Development)
                           (Applied Statistics with Computing)
                           (Actuarial Science)
                           (Natural Resource Management)
                           (Environmental Studies)

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Arts (Developmental and policy studies)
Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)
                                (Soil Science)
                                 (Water Resources and Environment)
                                 (Biological Sciences)
                                 (Business Information Systems)

Kabarak University

Bachelor of Business Management and Information
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness

Karatina University

Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance
Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Kenya Highlands Evangelical University
Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology)
                          (Public Administration and Governance)
Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Education (Early childhood)
Bachelor of Library and Information Studies
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
Kenya Methodist University
Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
Kenyatta University
Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Kenyatta University (Mama Ngina)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
                                (Environmental Health)
                                (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

Kibabii University

Diploma in Business Management

Kisii University

Bachelor of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
                          (Peace Education)
                          (Translation and Interpretation)
Bachelor of Business and Management
Bachelor of Science
Laikipia University
Bachelor of Science

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science (Applies Statistics, with IT)

Moi University

Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Science)

South Eastern Kenya University

Bachelor of Science
Technical University of Mombasa
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Turkana University College

Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Development Studies
Bachelor of Science (Renewable Energy)
Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management

University of Eldoret

Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Environmental Planning and Management
University of Embu
Bachelor of Law (LLB)
Bachelor of Science (Agriculture Biotechnology)
                                (Agriculture Economics)
                                (Animal Production and Health)
                                (Environmental Science)
                                (Wildlife Management)

University of Kabianga

Bachelor of Arts (Peace Education)

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