Monday, February 11, 2019

Here are top 9 most marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya, you won’t tarmac if you pursue these courses.

Here are  top 9  most marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya, you won’t tarmac if you pursue these courses.
After finishing form four, high school leavers proceed to institutions of higher learning  and it’s important for the students to know which Diploma Courses guarantee them a job after they finish college.

Triwave has complied a list of top 9 most marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya.

1) Diploma in Mass Media and Journalism-Although the  field is competitive, there are a lot of opportunities in the media field. Media graduates can get employment in corporate companies as PR practioners and can also be employed in various media stations. There are a lot of  media stations sprouting up  and this means more jobs for media graduates. 

2) Diploma in Civil and Electrical Engineering-Almost every sector requires an engineer that’s why this course is among the most marketable. With a Diploma in this field, there are a lot of opportunities and the pay is good. Atleast you are guaranteed more than Ksh 40,000 a month.

3) Diploma in Finance and Accounting-Every company needs accountants  and financial advisers to keep things in order. There’s no serious company that lacks an accountant. This course assures you a job once you complete it. Just look around and count the number of banks and saccos available.

4) Diploma in Front Office  Management-Companies need customer care agents to deal with clients. There’s no company you will step into and fail to meet a front office staff ready to attend to you. With this course, atleast you are guaranteed a job.

5) Diploma in Business Management-In 2018, this course emerged as one of  the most marketable courses in Kenya. Business requires managers to run well and with this course, you will not tarmac for long. The good thing with his course is that when you get your first job,  you keep on climbing up the ladder and finding more lucrative opportunities.

6) Diploma in Medicine-There is a high demand for health workers and if you are keen enough, you might have noticed that health institutions such as clinics and chemists  are becoming lucrative businesses. Just look around your estate and see how many chemists are there.

7) Diploma in Graphic Design and Web Design- There’s no company where graphic design and web design skills are not applied in one way or another. This means more job opportunities for graduates who pursue this course. There’s no serious business that has no website.

8) Diploma in Project Management-There are so many NGOs sprouting up and they need graduates with project management skills to run different projects. If you go through job ads, you can’t fail to see a job where project management graduates are needed in an NGO.

9)Diploma in Information Technology(IT)-We live in a digital world and IT skills are needed in every sector. With this course, you are guaranteed of many opportunities out there.

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