Friday, January 4, 2019

Did you know famous comedian DJ SHITI once slept in cold along Koinange Street?, Inspiring story of how he rose to fame.

Did you know famous comedian DJ SHITI once slept in cold  along Koinange Street?, Inspiring story of how he rose to fame.

Just as you exit Globe Cinema roundabout towards Fire Station, there is a big Startimes' billboard on your right with the smiling visage of arguably one of the greatest and most talented comedy acts in Kenya, Stephen Oduor Ndede better known by his stage moniker DJ Shiti. That billboard, a product of a multi-million shilling deal, stands as a monument to the tremendous success that the seasoned comedian has scored over the years and above all, the triumph of the human spirit.

It was never easy getting to the brink of superstardom. His passion for comedy started in Nakuru, the place of his birth, where he engaged that passion at an auditorium with gusto. He first came to the capital Nairobi in 2013 to try his luck in Churchill Show auditions after Jalang'o, a comedian he had only seen on TV and somehow managed to get his contacts, recommended his name to the show's organisers. On his way on that journey of faith , DJ Shiti texted a number of guys he thought would offer him a place to sleep. When he arrived in Nairobi, those guys switched off their phones leaving him stranded like a deer in the headlights.

Darkness fell over the city like a blanket. With nowhere to sleep, he was forced to sleep in Koinange Street under those metallic seats emblazoned with those don't-just-sit-here-do-something messages, hoping that the day would break so that he could go for the rehearsals, swatting mosquitoes and braving the punishing chill all night.

The day broke and he went for the rehearsals in Canivore where he ran into Jalang'o who gave him some cash. He lied to Jalash that he was staying at a relative's house because he didn't want to pester him to give him a place to sleep. There was no relative's house, he went back to sleep at Koinange Street. The sex worker's were generous to him. Many are the times they gave him some coins so that he could get himself something to eat while encouraging him that things would get better one day. In fact, it is one of the hookers who pleaded with her brother to host Shiti, fearing that the cold would kill him. Finally, things got better!

Lessons learnt:

1. People you think can help you, don't help you. It is people that you don't know, total strangers that show you generosity. Those friends that Shiti thought would come through for him when he needed a place to sleep were a total letdown.

2. The best favour you can do yourself is never at any one point losing hope. Keep fighting!

3. We all have a purpose in this life. All we need to do is discover that purpose.

4. Never forget where you come from. Being conscious of your background keeps you grounded and tethered to doing what's right and not losing your focus.

By Shem Beverton Via FB.

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