Saturday, December 1, 2018

Requirements for KCPE candidates who want to apply for KCB Scholarship

KCB foundation will sponsor needy students who performed well during their KCPE exams but are not able to pay for their high school fees due to financial challenges. 

The foundation is targeting 240 beneficiaries every year and it started, they have awarded over 1,000 beneficiaries, 80 of whom are physically challenged.

Application for the scholarship is done online and the form can be downloaded here

We've also compiled a detailed information for students who want to apply.

In order qualify for a KCB foundation Scholarship, the application must;

1. Be from a needy home
2. Attain the prescribed county cut off marks KCSE
3. Have a calling letter to a national or county secondary school

The KCB foundation scholarship package entails the following:

1. Catering of school fees for the 4 years the beneficiary will be in high school.
2. Catering for the beneficiary's personal effects, learning materials and also assisting devices for physically challenged students.
3. Quarterly mentorship programme for the beneficiaries which will be done by KCB branch staff 
4. Mentorship program which will be done annually during holidays.
5. Internship opportunities and mentorship during and after the beneficiary clears his or her studies.

Important forms

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